Monday, December 8, 2008

New drawing, initial sketch phase

Tossing up a new sketch I'm about to get started on for spectrum this year. For this drawing I really had no idea what i wanted to do.

I began the drawing more interested about the shapes that I was making rather than anything else. Trying to figure out lines and shapes that are appealing just on their own. After spending time drawing the who knows what headpiece on the woman, I tried to figure out a solid base for the piece.

The idea was to have this goddess type woman walking through a pool of loyal followers and worshipers, but walking through and draining out their essence in some way. It's not really a mind blowing idea but I figured it would work for the piece.

The drawing doesn't convey to much of the draining aspect, since I hope to address that in the painting itself. Anyways, here is the first sketch.

Next step, color and value comps.

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