Tuesday, March 2, 2010

- v3 2010 -

So here is my near final. I think there is alot of small stuff to tweak on this but I'm pretty satisfied on where it came out. Really putting in an effort to add more than on subject or character in a piece... even if they are unfinished or only parts of one. Hoping this piece will kick start a whole new series of more dynamic pieces (compared to my older works). So LETS HOPE in the next few days i can get a couple sketches online here to start on the next! If people ever even saw this page I'd ask for comments on ideas for another piece.. ::crosses fingers::



Rehmeyer said...

Nice work!

If you're taking suggestions, how about a scene where the central character is somehow wrecking the terrain/flooring/whatever that his opponents are standing on. Pretty vague, but it'd be a step more dynamic than this one.

Zach said...

I enjoy this image.