Thursday, April 14, 2011

Speedpaint 4/14 #2

Had more time to kill today. I started just making shapes and it turned into the "generic" city view concept that I feel like you see alot of artists do.. but they are still pretty fun. There is alot more i wanted to do to it.. but I made myself stop at an hour. I hadn't even figured out what the ivory structure was in the middle. I'm trying to explore more with shapes and sharper brushes. I feel like this has the same lighting composition as the last one. Not to mention the insect creature looks like a giant penis..cripe.


Ron said...

I dig it. Its very ethereal, otherworldly. The brightly-lit cityscape reminds me of The Never-ending Story. Everything else has a dare I say, Star Wars vibe to it.

Fantastic fantasy.


pedro said...

I love your work, what programs do you use?