Sunday, November 8, 2009

- a day in the life -

Finishing a friday off at Kaos.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

- board designs -

I stepped into unfamiliar territory lately and tried making some board designs. They were actually alot of fun to do.. what they are gonna be used for? I have no idea. It was definately a pretty fun excercise to put myself through. I was thinkin of boards that people could print and just hang on their walls.. maybe even do a couple series of them.

- bal -

More with the older unfinished work. This is actually something I may take another look at and try to redo or finish. This was also another collaboration between zach and I that had a great basis. Alot of it was the idea of this child with an imaginary friend monster. I do like how his design was coming along.. it's def something i may explore fairly soon.

-old work-

I wanted to be able to catch up on some past work.. So there will be a pretty large art dump lately. These were some mock covers that were done up in collaboration between a friend and I on cloak and dagger. Ultimately in the end, it was something I wish i had pushed further and I may return to it someday. Both were done pretty quick, probably 1 sitting each.

Back to updating this with new images, sketches, life updates, etc.
This was a quick painting I did for the cghub competition a few months back. I wasn't very happy with the final piece.. it felt like it was missing alot. Another painting shelved!