Thursday, March 11, 2010

40k final

Here is my near final 40k Final for the recent sketch I did. I wanted to get this piece done this week so I pushed pretty hard on it, probably making it a little higher rez than it needed to be. After getting advice with some close 40k fans.. we turned this more into a Alpha Legion Chaos Marine.

I actually enjoyed working on this piece alot.. and I think some of that came through. So maybe alot more Warhammer 40k pieces to come!


Thursday, March 4, 2010

- sketch updated-

Just bricked out a really quick black and white off the recent sketch. I'm not sure I'm gonna take it much further.. something doesnt sit right for me with it. I may take some elements of it later on for a piece.. but for now I'll probably call this one a constant wip.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

- v3 2010 -

So here is my near final. I think there is alot of small stuff to tweak on this but I'm pretty satisfied on where it came out. Really putting in an effort to add more than on subject or character in a piece... even if they are unfinished or only parts of one. Hoping this piece will kick start a whole new series of more dynamic pieces (compared to my older works). So LETS HOPE in the next few days i can get a couple sketches online here to start on the next! If people ever even saw this page I'd ask for comments on ideas for another piece.. ::crosses fingers::


- v2.2 2010 -

Started adding color and detailing. I probably should have put up some more versions before it got to this stage.. but I got sucked into working on it and lost track of time. I'm trying to work both my lights and darks at the same time.. so right now its lacking some contrast and some form. I am also unsure about his helmet design as he is starting to look like some kind of superhero.. which is not what I'm going for. There should be quite a bit more work to be done on this in the next few days or so. I want to be able to able detail alot of the armor that is happening on the foreground figures along with some of the background characters. Also to be able to finalize some lighting and color.

- v2.1 2010 -

Wanted to do a quick update with the greyscale blocking that's being done. I've always wanted to do one of those "mid battle" action shots.. so here's my chance!

- v2 2010 -

Finally back to starting a new piece. What I wanted to do was take part of an old design I did for cghub and update and actually finish it. I liked certain elements of the design before but that it was way to thick, blocky, and lifeless. I wanted to create a piece that had alot more dynamic motion and energy to it, while also creating a more interesting composition.

More updates soon.