Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wizard Zafaria Update

With our recent launch of Zafaria, I've finally started digging through some pieces that can be released out into the depths of the interwebs. I didn't get a whole bunch of time working on this expansion pack so the amount of pieces will be a little limited for now. It should atleast fill an update or two.

First up was creating the new level 68 Death Spell "Katzenstein's Monster". Most of the concept itself was just creating the monster and the animation team would take care of the rest. Katzenstein was already a mad scientist cat already created for the game... so this was basically just an addition to his madness. They wanted a pretty basic Frankenstein vibe with less gore and as always, more kid friendly.

Here is a video with all the finished spells..Katzenstein is I think the 3rd spell used. (I also concepted the Basilisk, which I will upload later.)

Wizard101 68 Spells

Next piece was just establishing a look for the zebra mobs. We had pretty specific african tribes we were looking at for each of the animal species in the game. These zebras were probably the first concept I tackled for zafaria. Was alot of fun making these guys pretty stubby, but looking like they could hold their own.

Might as well finish off with one quick enviornment piece that was done for Zafaria, which was a large entrance way into the Elephant graveyard. Basically just wanted to mock something up for color and mood to give to the designers.

Still a ton of work I wish I could release at the moment. Time is flying lately and it won't be long before the flood gates open.

Hope everyone has a solid xmas this year, lets hope 2012 is full of a ton of new work.

Friday, October 28, 2011

A start of something new.

Been awhile since the last update, but things should be picking up pretty soon. As I said previously some months ago, I started at a new gig down in Austin that I love. Content is slowly starting to be released, which means I can finally start posting some of the work. Once large expansions come out, there will be very large updates of work. So right now we just have a recently released double player mount for Wizard101. Was a quick concept that went straight into production. Each piece will need specific approval but I will do the best I can. This type of work is really letting me stretch my boundaries and have alot of fun.

ALOT more to come in the next few months! (atleast 30-40 new images that I feel are post worthy)


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

About Final

This is about as final as I want to take this piece. I think it fulfills what I wanted out of it. Doesn't blow me away, but I had a good time working on it. i would like for my next piece to be alot brighter and not so clouded in darkness. I hope to start the next piece tommorow!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Carriage Day 3

Who knows who even sees this stuff, but I will continue to push these out. Here is day 3 working on this painting. Still going back and forth detailing things out. I don't want to hide alot of detail in shadows but the piece is pretty dark, and I feel like I really need that foreground contrast.

Still alot to add and tweak, possibly another assassin, the lady in the carriage and so forth.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Updated Carriage Painting

Here is a few days worth of work on the mosst recent painting. Taking my time and thinking about alot of minor things while working on it.

Everything so far is basically the base im going for. I still plan to have a woman in the carriage, about 3 Skele assassins. Alot of work to go, but wanted to post!

The wacom inkling!

Wanted to bring this bad boy up. Recently announced from wacom and available mid september.

Wacom Inkling

This will definately be an item I will be purchasing. Not only will this give me an added incentive to produce work in my sketchbook, it may even get me posting more daily sketches up on this blog.

Not to mention I usually despise scanning in sketchbook pages, which in turn makes it so 95% of all my sketches never even hit the internet.

I'm looking forward to the community embracing this thing and getting alot more work online!

Also great youtube video for it.

Wacom Youtube Vid

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I am alive! Trust me.

Been a semi crazy summer so far, company in town in Austin, flying to MA for a wedding, and everything in between. I have managed to make myself sit down and tackle some more serious paintings though.

I wanted to get away from the 1 off, 1 sitting paintings of a character and do some more in depth "scenes" if you will.

Just started blocking this one in yesterday, having alot of fun with it. I would like to get very detailed with this one.. even carving out the small details of the carriage.

Posting it here will make me finish it ;)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Small post

Wanted to throw up a quick post since I seemed to go afk from this blog for a month or so. Getting some projects wrapped up and hopefully gearing up for another big show in september, so hopefully I should be able to toss some info up on that asap!

Dave G.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

OO Game of Thrones.

Just sitting at work today thinking back on some of the Visuals of HBO's Game of Thrones, an awesome book series and equally amazing show so far. This was just a quick 25 Min Sketch during some downtime today. Mostly just based off the Night's Watch, not exactly.. but of the same idea.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Gogo Prints now for sale through my online store.

Giclee on Fine Art Paper
Numbered and signed out of 50 (only 10 are available through the store).

Very limited run of these prints this time around.

Friday, April 29, 2011

A royal speed painting.

Here is a quick 1 hour speed I did today, I would like to dedicate it to the royal wedding ;D .. I saved off one chunk so there could atleast be some progess to look at. I think what's hurting me lately is I'm starting to paint with no direction to go in. I don't know if I am going to paint a character, a landscape, or the back of some dudes head in front of me. I think in the future, I am going to atleast set some kind of goal. here is the final. I really just have two steps saved that were probably at the 20 minute interval and then a bit later. I stopped myself at the hour mark on the dot.. even though I felt this one could use alot more.. time to paint faster!

Here was the first brickout.. where I had completely no idea where I was going. I was basically smacking down some muted color and and a way to dark of a shape. During this phase I flip and shift the image like crazy till I can find something that catches my eye. I try to keep everything as middle tone as I can for as long as I can.. then once I start punching value in, everything comes to life.

Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Oasis

This was the first verson of the Oasis done for Homefront.. it was a first pass and and the final doesn't even resemble this at all. I was handed a brickout of the space, a brief description and that was about it. More to come!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Went way off.

Final of the most recent speedy.. which turned out to not be a speedy at all. I changed it about 30x over. Had fun in the process and started exploring all new brushes while spending time to tweak and make my own. This is about as far as I want to take this one.. would rather start on something new. anyways, enjoy.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Non-speed update.

Adding color and starting to slow down to actually figure out shapes and composition. long way to go!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Homefront Pre-Pro | Concept

I've been digging through old work that was done on homefront and wanted to scatter it across this blog. I like looking back to see what we started with, and what we ended up with in the final game. This concept was basically an idea we were playing with, with the idea of the game taking place in a flooded manhattan. The idea was that the city was linked with man made bridges between buildings in the city, something that could have been very cool.

This second image was a detailed sketch of how we wanted the US Heavy Assault soldiers to look. I think the final color pallete and most the packs ended up completely different. but the heavy ballistic mask and everything else remained. The biggest challenge to creating the military MP characters was keeping them a "real world" military force while still making them feel like they lived in a starved grim future.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Started as a speed.. got more into it.

Started with a mexican space station.. then over an hour later.. it became the backend of a wrecked ship in a swamp / jungle? not sure. I'm having alot of fun playing with the shapes on this one and constantly changing it... so this one will become more than just a speed paint. I enjoyed the shape of the last speed painting but wanted to do more with it. Right now I want to keep it in black and white for awhile so I can concentrate on values.. this one will get posted updates.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Speedpaint 4/15

Had a bit more time today. I felt like i was more focused on building shape and color more than anything else. Which is nice after doing concepts all day where you have to worry about the small detail that a modeler may need to know. I also think i have a strange love affair with the lasso tool. (1hour)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Speedpaint 4/14 #2

Had more time to kill today. I started just making shapes and it turned into the "generic" city view concept that I feel like you see alot of artists do.. but they are still pretty fun. There is alot more i wanted to do to it.. but I made myself stop at an hour. I hadn't even figured out what the ivory structure was in the middle. I'm trying to explore more with shapes and sharper brushes. I feel like this has the same lighting composition as the last one. Not to mention the insect creature looks like a giant penis..cripe.

Speedpaint 4/14

Been a busy couple days but managed to have about 30 minutes today to crank something out. This was actually probably 20 minutes.. pretty simple. Its more brush and color than anything. I got about 20 minutes done with it.. and it just felt right for what i wanted to convey.. this was based on an idea of a fallen angel.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Speedpaint 4/6

In an effort to get myself to paint more often and to loosen up, I am going to try to put up atleast a couple speed paints a week. Ranging from 30 minutes to an hour. I expect these to be pretty messy and quite sloppy at first, but I hope over time, my ability to block down serious color right off the bat will improve. I also hope for these to be more color and composition studies more than anything.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spoke Art presents : Quentin vs Coen

This is the piece I will be presenting at the upcoming quentin vs coen show at the Bold Hype Gallery opening April 7th. You can check out the gallery @

The show will only be open 3 days in New York so definately check it out.. I'm honored to be able to present my work with other such talented artists. There will be a very small set of prints available at the show and probably on spoke art afterward. There will be about 30 signed and numbered prints.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Been awhile.

I figured it's been awhile so it's probably time for some kind of update. ALOT has happened in the past few months that has taken my attention away from this. Recently hit the unemployment line with fellow artists from my previous position.. something that was totally unexpected. After the panic fades and you have time to actually make a coherent thought, the whole process really makes you re-evaluate what you want to do in the next step of your career. After alot of thinking and planning, we are officially making the move to Austin, TX! I will be joining the awesome team at Kingsisle Studios, which I am very excited for. The New York chapter in my life is seemingly coming to a close... something that is somewhat heartbreaking for me. NYC has been a life changing experience and something that I will always carry with me.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New year 2011

Here's to an awesome 2011. I just recently found out about a Mad Men inspired show coming up and I will be contributing 2 pieces for. The show is in April and will be shown in NYC this time around. More details to come since I don't have alot of info right now. I'll post sketches and idea's soon as well.