Monday, October 8, 2012

We have launched! Pirate101 Early start has begun!

There is one great thing about working in this industry, and it is when years of hardwork payoff, into what is a shipped title, or in this case, your game going live. This morning, Pirate101 has officially launched! It's been an honor to work with some great people here at Kingsisle and I can only hope that it will be for many years more.

I started my own pirate this morning, playing the privateer class, so I hope to see and meet alot of people in my journey through this part of the spiral.

Like every launch, I have permission to release yet a few more piece. Since SO much has been released in the recent months, this release of work isn't quite so large. Enjoy!

One of the loadscreen's you will see many times ;)

Cool Ranch Concept for a cliffside dead end.

This piece is to be displayed on one of the King's walls in Monquista I believe. This piece was pretty amusing to do.

I don't post alot of these, but there are times when we need to concept out armor sets for the different worlds you run into. This one is a skull island themed Monquista set. We have to paint one for the boy and the girl when we design them

Old photo illustration for part of the clues to El Dorado.


Part of the series for Mustang Sally.

I hope everyone has a a chance to check out Pirate101. It seriously has been the most entertaining project I've worked on since joining this industry. It deserves any success it gets.