Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wizard Zafaria Update

With our recent launch of Zafaria, I've finally started digging through some pieces that can be released out into the depths of the interwebs. I didn't get a whole bunch of time working on this expansion pack so the amount of pieces will be a little limited for now. It should atleast fill an update or two.

First up was creating the new level 68 Death Spell "Katzenstein's Monster". Most of the concept itself was just creating the monster and the animation team would take care of the rest. Katzenstein was already a mad scientist cat already created for the game... so this was basically just an addition to his madness. They wanted a pretty basic Frankenstein vibe with less gore and as always, more kid friendly.

Here is a video with all the finished spells..Katzenstein is I think the 3rd spell used. (I also concepted the Basilisk, which I will upload later.)

Wizard101 68 Spells

Next piece was just establishing a look for the zebra mobs. We had pretty specific african tribes we were looking at for each of the animal species in the game. These zebras were probably the first concept I tackled for zafaria. Was alot of fun making these guys pretty stubby, but looking like they could hold their own.

Might as well finish off with one quick enviornment piece that was done for Zafaria, which was a large entrance way into the Elephant graveyard. Basically just wanted to mock something up for color and mood to give to the designers.

Still a ton of work I wish I could release at the moment. Time is flying lately and it won't be long before the flood gates open.

Hope everyone has a solid xmas this year, lets hope 2012 is full of a ton of new work.