Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Updated Carriage Painting

Here is a few days worth of work on the mosst recent painting. Taking my time and thinking about alot of minor things while working on it.

Everything so far is basically the base im going for. I still plan to have a woman in the carriage, about 3 Skele assassins. Alot of work to go, but wanted to post!

The wacom inkling!

Wanted to bring this bad boy up. Recently announced from wacom and available mid september.

Wacom Inkling

This will definately be an item I will be purchasing. Not only will this give me an added incentive to produce work in my sketchbook, it may even get me posting more daily sketches up on this blog.

Not to mention I usually despise scanning in sketchbook pages, which in turn makes it so 95% of all my sketches never even hit the internet.

I'm looking forward to the community embracing this thing and getting alot more work online!

Also great youtube video for it.

Wacom Youtube Vid

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I am alive! Trust me.

Been a semi crazy summer so far, company in town in Austin, flying to MA for a wedding, and everything in between. I have managed to make myself sit down and tackle some more serious paintings though.

I wanted to get away from the 1 off, 1 sitting paintings of a character and do some more in depth "scenes" if you will.

Just started blocking this one in yesterday, having alot of fun with it. I would like to get very detailed with this one.. even carving out the small details of the carriage.

Posting it here will make me finish it ;)