Friday, January 8, 2010

- final -

Well here is the final for now. I guess it's enough for what I would like to do to it. I could have kept adding details after details... but in the end.. it invoked the mood and color I wanted it to have. More pieces to come just this week!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

- update near final -

Totally changed my whole idea for this. I felt like it was two worlds that didn't make any sense with each other. I also wanted to beef up more fantasy / sci fi stuff for my portfolio. So i totally redid the outfit on the girl. Maybe she kills these huge birds to protect these little space monkeys. Theres still alot more rendering to be done.. her feet.. hands.. maybe more of a "living space" that these little guys live in. Also maybe a dead carcass of a huge killer bird.. not sure.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

- update -

Started to block in some more values.. detailing those little space monkeys out. Trying a new technique on how I'm using my brushes as well. Painting with a hard edged brush and erasing out almost all of it.. then repeating it. Right now... I'm not sure where this piece is going and that bothers me. I want the piece to tell a chunk of a story.. even if a simple one. A girl in a fleece surrounded by space monkeys just isnt doing it for me. I may have to do some major revamps to the subject matter... updates on that soon.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

- new piece larger -

Here is what the larger piece will look like. theres still alot i want to edit and figure out. I'm probably nixing those wierd wings by her head..sometimes my hand thinks on its own. Also what shes wearing below the waist and how shes positioning her legs. I wanted it to be a sweet and innocent peering down. But right now it feels like she might have to go to the bathroom. ;x

Still figuring out more line work. i really want to bring these little creatures to life.. give them a small little village that shes stumbled upon. I'm hoping for a pretty detailed piece.

- new piece 2010 -

Happy new year everyone. I wanted to kick off the new year with a new piece. I wanted to go back and show the stages of this piece as it goes. I'm probably only about an hour into the piece.. just starting with a quick outline of some of the main characters... This is actually a zoomed shot of the larger piece. I will hopefully have it all blocked in very soon.

This piece is basically a rehash of a very old piece of mine I wanted to modernize. So lets see how it goes!