Thursday, September 30, 2010

upcoming show - bad dads

For the upcoming show in San Francisco, titled Bad Dads. A show dedicated to the films of Wes Anderson. Will post gallery name, location, and opening when I get more details. My entry for the show

Giclee on Watercolor paper.


Jeremy D said...

Terrific color temperature. Very controlled.

Did you move over to the west side?

Ash said...

what an exciting show to be apart of! from the images I've seen so far, this piece is my absolute favorite :)

Zac Sax said...

This is amazing, please let me know if you're ever selling prints of it!


Coffee and TV said...
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Coffee and TV said...

Really captures the Tenenbaum tension. Wonderful work. Hope you're selling prints!

Dave Greco said...

Thanks everyone, I will be selling limited prints of 150. (50 to be sold at the gallery opening itself).. they will be numbered and signed.

The shop part of the website should be online in about a week or so! I'll post an update when it does.