Friday, December 3, 2010

Personal update, the mermaid.

Once in awhile, I end up sitting down and sketching things that my wife just loves. She is a huge mermaid nut and has been bugging me about painting a mermaid for her for years... I've done tons of thumbnails and sketches of mermaids in the past years but nothing really seemed to sit right. I had trouble thinking of one that didn't look like a disney cartoon. I think Ariel is just too ingrained in all our brains. I would say this is about 35% complete. I'm mostly trying to figure out colors and composition right now. Trying some new colors.. some added detail. I want the environment to be something interesting, but am having alot of trouble thinking of anything. A mermaid just hangs out in the ocean right? I really didn't want just a sea of ocean behind her.. so if anyone has any ideas, post them to comments! All ideas would be awesome!

I have to shoot reference for the hands.. Anything past blurry quick sketch hands I am awful at ;)

1 comment:

Neil said...

She could be in a fountain like in um splash??

OR maybe she could be swimming in a sea of bloood and other gore!! ROAR!