Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Buccaneer Class Trainer + Swashbuckler

Going to release these little by little over the new few months. You can see this work on the pirate101 website.. but I wanted to just showcase some higher res. work.

Buccaneer Class Trainer

Buccaneers are sturdy warriors who rely on brute strength to overcome their enemies. They wear the heaviest armor and carry the biggest weapons. What Buccaneers lack in grace or finesse they make up for with raw courage. Withstanding enemy attacks is the key to a Buccaneer's strategy.

Swashbuckler Class Trainer

Swashbucklers rely on speed and finesse in combat, sneaking up on their foes and striking by surprise, then dodging the enemy's attacks when they finally arrive. They are deadly with a blade, but not nearly as tough as a Buccaneer, sacrificing toughness for damage.

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Keith VanZant said...

Awesome characters! Love the style too!